Our History

 The Romanian-American Chamber of Commerce (RACC™) is the oldest  bilateral trade association dedicated to the development of prosperous  business relationships between Romania and the United States. 

Our Recognition

The RACC™ conducts conferences, seminars, luncheons, and special events  for member networking and to facilitate business development. The RACC™  is the sole representative chamber in the United States for Romania  recognized by the European American Chamber of Commerce in the United States - the umbrella organization of the EU's U.S. bilateral Chambers of Commerce. 

Our Mission

 The mission of the Romanian American Chamber of Commerce is to strengthen, protect and promote the US-Romania relationship in ways that enhanced the business environment of the United States and Romania. 


The Romanian American Chamber of Commerce is dedicated to serving its  members and member companies, their customers and the Romanian American  business community in the United States;

  • to have a collective voice on issues of concern; 
  • to advocate in the United States before commerce, trade and regulatory bodies; 
  • to protect and secure the welfare, safety and common good of its members; 
  • to educate and promote the development of commerce between the United States and Romania;
  • to monitor significant actions by governmental authorities which may impact upon the Romanian American business

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